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not just a live band on stage, a truly musical experience.

The Vaughn Ahrens Band consist of Namibian multi-instrumentalist, Vaughn Ahrens, who is the frontman, lead guitarist and producer/writer of all their music. Raymond Mupfumira, who is also a talented multi- instrumentalist from Zimbabwe, who’s the bassist keys player and backing vocalist for the band. And last, but not least, South African, Adam Brandon-Kirby, who is the extremely talented drummer and sound engineer for the band. Vaughn has just released his sophomore album on the 1st of December 2022. The band’s focus right now is to bring their music to the Sub-Saharan market and they’ve been doing a really great job at that starting with a tour of Cape Town in Feb, another tour in Zimbabwe and a slot at Splashy Fen 2023 in April. A slot at Miombo Magic in Zimbabwe in May and a little taste of Mozambique in June. And hopefully we’ll be on your stage next. But this is just the beginning. Watch this space!

The Vaughn Ahrens Band is constantly evolving and you’ll never get the same vibe from them twice. The band plays a variety of pop fusion songs that has been tried and tested to make anyone on this side of the continent dance. The band enjoys bringing a little piece of every place they’ve visited into their music, leaving you feeling like you’ve been on their road trips with them.

The Vaughn Ahrens Band is truly a musical experience and not just a live band on stage. For the band, it’s about getting as many people as possible in front of the stage, dancing their hearts out.

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