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Fiercely rooted in Rock Music

Fiercely rooted in Rock Music the man who left his Rehoboth home town and dropped out of College to pursue music full time has grown, and not just his hair.

Now playing alongside Linus and David, currently students at UNAM and NUST, and Nic, a hairdresser, O.U_SLOW has been back in the music scene since November 2021, this time fusing previously used RnB and Pop elements with his love for Classic Rock and Roll style guitar playing heavily influenced by the likes of the Young brothers. The band will be releasing music starting from September on all major streaming platforms due to the positive reaction received in the time the band has played around Windhoek, Swakopmund and Rehoboth.

Lighting a fire with various performances at venues most recently including Lighthouse Swakopmund, Tiger Reef, Soundgarden, Good Fellas pizza in Windhoek, as openers for Riaan Smit, as well as performances at Smokey Mare, Brewers Market, Wolfshack, Desert Tavern and Magic in Rehoboth.

The band has spent the time working on their craft and is continuously developing , providing an exhilarating guitar performance experience that many has quoted as being an unforgettable and rare, on every occasion.

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