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Bringing Namibian Rock n Roll to Camp Rock 2023

Prepare your eardrums, Camp Rock 2023, because Echo Vision is ready to set the stage on fire! Hailing from the vibrant city of Windhoek, Namibia, this dynamic quartet is all set to bring the ROCK to the second edition of this unforgettable event!

Born in the Namibian Heartland

Echo Vision was conceived in the early days of 2019 when four friends, who had known each other since their school days, decided it was high time to turn their passion for music into something truly spectacular. These musical trailblazers have been a formidable force on the Namibian scene ever since.

Rocking Through Challenges

Before the world changed in 2020, Echo Vision was already making waves. They played an unforgettable set at the Sound for Sight Festival and embarked on their first Coastal tour, leaving a trail of awestruck fans in their wake.  Then, the unforeseen twist named Covid-19 hit. Most bands would’ve thrown in the towel, but not Echo Vision. Fueled by their unwavering love for music, they continued to jam virtually, patiently waiting for the stage lights to shine on them once more.

The Resurgence and Beyond 

As the world slowly got back to its feet, Echo Vision seized the moment, and what followed was a whirlwind of over 100 live shows. Their electrifying performances graced the stages of numerous shows and festivals, including the legendary Sphinxblick, the unforgettable Take Note, and a colossal return to Sound for Sight this year.

Meet the Echo Visionaries

Alfred, our drummer extraordinaire and the youngest member of the band. Alfred’s, the brainchild behind Echo Vision, has been rocking the Namibian music scene for decades and has an undeniable passion for beats that can only be described as infectious. Alfie, is like a double bass on steroids. When he’s behind the kit, you’ll feel the beat deep within your bones.

Next up is Danie, our lead singer and rhythm guitarist The Witty Crooner, the charismatic vocalist and rhythm guitarist, adds soulful humor and witty banter to their performances. He’s the guy who’ll make you laugh between songs and leave you in awe during. Don’t be fooled by the hairline; Danie’s vocal prowess and guitar skills are the stuff legends are made of. He’s the voice that keeps Echo Vision singing, strumming, and making magic.

Johan, The Smiling Bass Maestro may have a quiet demeanor, but his basslines speak volumes. His smile could light up an entire room, and his bass grooves have the power to move an entire audience. He’s the heartbeat of Echo Vision!

And last but certainly not least, there’s the Guitar Slinger Stevo, our lead guitarist. He’s the professional bad boy with a deadly charm, armed with a guitar he can make your heart race faster than a cheetah in the Namibian bush veld

Get ready to experience the infectious energy of Echo Vision at Camp Rock 2023!!!

 It’s going to be a party like no other!!

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